manganese steel casting foundry

What is manganese steel?

Manganese steel, also called Hadfield steel or mangalloy, is a steel alloy containing 12-14% manganese. Renowned for its high impact strength and resistance to abrasion in its hardened state, the steel is often described as the ultimate work hardening steel.

Standard Composition Ranges For Manganese Steel Castings ( ASTM A128)

Grade C Si Mn P ≤ Cr Ni Mo
A J91109 1.05~1.35 ≤1.00 ≥11.0 0.07
B-1 J91119 0.9~1.05 ≤1.00 11.5~14.0 0.07
B-2 J91129 1.05~1.2 ≤1.00 11.5~14.0 0.07
B-3 J91139 1.12~1.28 ≤1.00 11.5~14.0 0.07
B-4 J91149 1.2~1.35 ≤1.00 11.5~14.0 0.07
C J91309 1.05~1.35 ≤1.00 11.5~14.0 0.07 1.5~2.5
D J91459 0.7~1.3 ≤1.00 11.5~14.0 0.07 3.0~4.0  -
E-1 J91249 0.7~1.3 ≤1.00 11.5~14.0 0.07 0.9~1.2
E-2 J91339 1.05~1.45 ≤1.00 11.5~14.0 0.07 1.8~2.1
F J91340 1.05~1.35 ≤1.00 6.0~8.0 0.07 0.9~1.2


Which are Manganese Steel Casting Parts?

Because of itself hardening properties, manganese steel has been used in the mining industry for many years – cement mixers, rock crushers, crawler treads for tractors, elevator, and shovel buckets – as well as in the rail industry (switches and crossings) and other high impact environments.

Up until recently, manganese steel was used in the window bars in prisons as it makes light work of chewing up the hacksaw blades of potential escapees. Nowadays the steel is often used in safes, bulletproof cabinets, and anti-drill plates.

Qiming Machinery manganese steel casting parts include:

  • Jaw crusher wear parts. Jaw plates, side plate, cheek plates
  • Cone crusher wear parts. Cone liners and bowl liners
  • Apron feeder pan.
  • Shredder wear parts. shredder hammer, shredder grates, and other shredder parts
  • Mill liners


Manganese steel casting foundries from China