Since founded in 2013, Nanjing Qiming Machinery had grown to a leading wear-resistant material casting parts manufacturers in China. With a total investment of more than $2,5000,000 and an area of 53,000 square meters.



branded advantages

01 Branded Advantages

Compliant with multiple international quality systems, export quality, trustworthy

  • Our foundry has long term OEM service for famous companies;
  • All products are completed in accordance with the international quality system, such as ASTM \ BS \ DIN \ JIS, etc;
  • Our factory is all managed in accordance with the ISO-9002 system and manufactured in accordance with high-quality product requirements;
  • 10 years of no product quality complaint history.

02 Quality Advantages

Advanced production technology, durable and wear-resistant products, high-cost performance.

  • The advanced heat treatment process, beautiful appearance, high wear resistance, long service life;
  • Ladle argon blowing casting process to improve the purity of molten steel and ensure the inherent quality of casting parts;
  • 24h camera monitoring, strict inspection by German imported spectrum analyzer, and control the product quality throughout the process;
  • We supply all the quality control reports to our customers before sending the goods.
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Experience advantage

03 Experience advantage

More than ten years of dedicated research, rich experience, complete wear-resistant casting molds.

  • 13 years of professional research and production of wear-resistant castings, submitted and obtained more than 50 patents;
  • The technical staff has more than 10 years of experience per capita, accurately controlling the distribution ratio, processing time, and better performance;
  • Powerful wood model database and drawing database, providing standard part number query service, direct production of existing molds;
  • Our foundry has long term cooperation with famous companies in supplying OEM service.

04 Delivery advantage

Multiple sets of large-scale advanced production equipment, high production capacity, worry-free delivery.

  • We can manufacture around 12000 tons wear-resistant casting wear parts per year;
  • We have 3 production lines, which include a sand casting line, a lost foam line and a V-method line;
  • We also stock hundreds of tons wear parts in our foundry warehouse, which can help you get your inquiry parts in the first time;
  • Our foundry located nearby seaport, which can help decrease the delivery time.
Delivery advantage
service advantage

05 Service advantage

Improve the comprehensive service system, let you choose with confidence.

  • Provide product quality problem return service, bear customer losses, and provide solutions;
  • According to the actual use environment of the customer, recommend and select casting chemical formula;
  • According to the provided real samples and special needs, free drawing, and drawing, drawing molds for processing customization;
  • Configure sample workshop, support customer inspection, provide VIP reception service, high-end business vehicle direct airport transfer.

Qiming Machinery Supply One-stop Customized Service

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Confirm your orders
After communication, we will confirm with you about drawings, material, machining and reports.
Products Manufacture
Based on your products, we choose the right product processing to manufacture.
Checking and sending
After checking the finished goods, we will send your products to the port.
After-sales Service
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Professional research on how to improve the comprehensive performance of wear-resistant steel is the core of our company works. Know-how is we could lift the production efficiency and save cost to create value for our customers. Do not forget the fast delivery. With our powerful manufacturing system, we can finish full container orders within 30days, customized products in 45days.


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