Cone Crusher Gear Manufacturer

Qiming Machinery is a professional manufacturing company, specialized in the manufacturing high precision equal-height spiral bevel gear, gear part and gear box.


Qiming Machinery,for the purpose of ensuring international first-class technical level and scale production, has imported several complete sets of KLINGELNBERG high precision CNC equal-height spiral bevel gear cutting machines C100U (four sets), C60U (one set), GMC160 (two sets), two meshing inspection instruments with one GKP851 and one T200, and one gear tester P350. Besides, we has also imported one RAPID1000, one RAPID1250, one RAPID1500, one RAPID2000 and RAPID2500 from Germany HOFLER, and one CNC grinding machine from Germany NILES ZE800, with gear precision reaching ISO Level III. For this, the dedicated constant temperature workshop and measurement center are provided to improve the inherent quality of gear. Qiming Machinery has supporting heat treatment workshop, where several Aichelin multi-purpose furnaces, German KLINGELNBERG quenching presses and carburizing furnaces using German Siemens control system are made available, so that gear heat treatment processes, such as cemented quenching, nitridation and high frequency quenching, could be put into practice.