VSI Crusher Wear Parts By Qiming Machinery®

Qiming Machinery is one of the popular VSI crusher wear parts foundry in China. Qiming Machinery VSI crusher wear parts provide the highest possible wear life combined with mechanical reliability and numerous mounting possibilities.

Qiming Machinery holds a huge stock inventory of premium quality compatible spare parts and wear parts to suit a popular range of vertical shaft impactors (VSI).

Made in China, our replacement VSI parts are guaranteed to meet or exceed the OEM specification for fit, material grade, and performance unless otherwise stated.

Available for aggregates, cement, and mining industries, parts designed to improve efficiency and reduce costs by extending wear life and minimizing downtime. VSI crusher wear parts include:

  • Rotor tips
  • Back-up set
  • Distributor plate
  • Feed tube
  • Rotor top plate
  • Tip/cavity wear plate

Qiming Machinery’s proprietary alloys and innovative designs result in longer wear life compared to other OEM replacements.

Which VSI crusher wear parts we can manufacture?

VSI Crusher Rotor Tips

Rotor tips are the main replacement wear parts in the VSI crusher. Qiming Machinery offers hard tungsten rotor tips for our customers. We have different sizes of tungsten rotor tips to suit different customer inquiries.

Qiming Machinery manufactures high-quality VSI crusher rotor tips for popular brands. Our rotor tips had widely used in sand making market.


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VSI Crusher Rotor Tips

VSI Crusher Feed Tube

Qiming Machinery manufactures high chrome VSI crusher feed tubes for popular brands with high quantity and suitable price. Qiming Machinery’s feed tube and Feed eye ring are designed to guide the feed material into the rotor after it has been through the hopper. Our feed tube is subject to high abrasive wear as all of the feed material going through the rotor will pass through it. Our feed tube is secured into the spider assembly of the crusher using a clamp plate and spring handle. This does not spin. In some rotors there are different feed tubes for high and low throughputs, the low throughput option has a smaller opening into the rotor.



VSI Crusher Feed Tube

VSI Crusher Upper and Lower Wear Plates

Qiming Machinery manufactures high chrome steel VSI crusher upper and lower wear plates for popular brand sand making machines.

These wear plates are designed to protect the upper and lower faces of the inside of the rotor from the feed material as it passes through the rotor (the material build-up protects the sides).

Wear plates are kept in place using the centrifugal force of the rotor as it is spinning, there are no nuts and bolts, only some clips for the plates to slide under. This makes it easy to change and remove it.

The lower wear plates generally wear more than the upper wear plates due to underutilization of the rotor’s maximum throughput and the use of an incorrectly shaped trail plate.

Upper Wear Plate

VSI Crusher Distributor Plates

Qiming Machinery manufactures VSI crusher distributor plates for popular brands sand making plant. The Distributor plate is designed to protect the plate that joins the Rotor, Rotor Boss, and Shaft together from feed material falling into the rotor from the hopper.
This part is subject to wear from both the feed material falling onto it (impact) and is also being“distributed” to the three ports in the rotor (abrasive). It is attached to the rotor using one bolt that screws into the top of the shaft.
(HELPFUL TIP) – This bolthole must be protected by stuffing cloth in the hole and either letting stone build up on top of the cloth to protect it, or filling the gap with silicone. This must be done, or it can be very difficult to remove the bolt when needed. The distributor is the wear part that receives the most impact wear, and will normally wear out the fastest in standard applications. There is only 1 distributor plate in each dressed rotor.

Distributor Plate

VSI Crusher Back-up Tips

Qiming Machinery manufactures VSI crusher back-up tips for popular brands sand making plant.

The back-up tip is designed to protect the rotor if and when a rotor tip gets broken or worn out. When this happens the Tungsten insert in the rotor tip has split and is now letting feed material run against the Tungsten insert of the back-up tip. The back-up tip has a small Tungsten insert in it that will last for about 8 -10 hours of wear in normal operation. If this backup is broken again, or it wears out then the feed material can seriously damage the rotor due to abrasion. The back-up tip is positioned behind the Rotor Tip and the Tip Cavity Wear plate on the outside edge of the rotor.

  • Some competitors do not offer this wear part, so if their rotor tips break, they have no protection for their rotor against serious damage
  • There is one back-up tip for every tip on a dressed rotor (one line per port)
  • There are no options for different wear materials for this wear part
back-up tip

VSI Crusher Tip / Cavity Wear Plates

Tip / Cavity Wear plates are designed to protect the outside edges of the rotor against excited particles in the crushing chamber. As the rotor spins, it impacts against particles that have rebounded from the chamber build-up after their initial exit from the rotor. As the TCWP is the furthest wear part from the center, and on the leading faces of the rotor, then they are most susceptible to this type of wear.
These parts are positioned in two places on the rotor, firstly they are put on top of the Rotor tips to protect the vulnerable areas of the parts, and secondly on the other side of the rotor port to protect this leading-edge from wearing away and compromising the efficiency of the rotor.

Tip Cavity Wear Plates