Shredder Caps By Qiming Machinery®

Rotor and end disc caps protect the rotor from damage by the metal being shredded in the hammer mill, which is mainly shredder wear parts.  Depending on shredder size, caps can weigh hundreds of pounds. Caps are replaced after about 10-15 hammer replacements or about every 2-3 weeks of operations.

Qiming Machinery had focused on different material caps over 30 years. Under different material, the caps suit for different working conditions.

  • Manganese steel caps
  • Alloy steel caps

Cast from a specially formulated hardened alloy and secured by high strength pins, Qiming Machinery end disc caps significantly improve the life expectancy of the rotor’s end discs.


Less Worry, More Profit

  • Stronger materials result in longer wear life than alternatives
  • Superior one-piece cast design caps adds strength and speeds up installation
  • Foundry directly price.
  • All caps from our foundry are backed by ISO9001:2008 quality control system.
  • Our parts have higher cost performance compare with original wear parts.

When choosing any type of caps for your shredder plant, think long-term. Qiming Machinery’s parts help keep your shredder working at peak performance because they are made to fit and function for just that.

Shredder Caps By Qiming Machinery

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