Cone Crusher Head Casting
Cone Crusher Head Casting

High-Quality Cone Crusher Head Casting

Qiming Machinery also can supply cone crusher head casting for our customers. If you demand the peace of mind that comes with ISO 9001-certified, fully guaranteed, and warranted head casting for your cone crusher, your search ends with Qiming Machinery.

Cone Crusher Head Casting Material

Qiming Machinery uses the ASTM A148/A148M carbon steel to cast our cone crusher head casting parts.

Chemical analysis (ladle analysis) ranges (% min./max.) shall be as follows:

ASTM A148 Chemical Analysis

Cone Crusher Head Casting Heat Treatment

All castings are delivered in normalized and tempered or quenched and tempered conditions, followed by stress relief, and shall conform to mechanical properties specified in the table below. Minimum tempering temperature above 1100ºF (595ºC).

Mechanical Properties

Casting hardness shall be within the range of 179 – 223 HB.