Shredder Grates By Qiming Machinery®

When it comes to shredder grates, Qiming Machinery is a specialist supplier. Qiming Machinery enjoys a history of custom designing manganese steel and alloy steel shredder grates. Our bottom grates provide the optimal balance of strength, performance, and weight efficiency. The wider profile translates into higher mechanical strength. As a result, you can push the geometry and create a greater open area for increased throughput.

The bottom grate ensures that shredded metal does not leave the shredding zone (hammermill) until shredded metal pieces are reduced to the desired size. The characteristics of the bottom grate’s openings are determined by shredded-metal specifications and operating parameters. The bottom grate sustains substantial abrasion and impacts from the rapidly moving metal inside the hammermill.


  • Single beam and double beam designs available for most shredders
  • Uniform holes for consistent density as the grates wear
  • Specialty lead-in, end, walk-across, solid, and half grates available
  • Double beam grates designed for strength to resist bowing and maintain effective shredding
  • End relief feature on double beam grates for easy install and removal
  • Double beam grates with staggered or inline hole patterns to maximize density and throughput
  • Specialty options available such as raised wear sections or ripper lugs

When choosing any type of grates for your shredder, think long-term. Qiming Machinery’s parts help keep your shredder working at peak performance because they are made to fit and function for just that.

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