Qiming Machinery manufactures high-quality VSI crusher rotor tips for popular brands. Our rotor tips had widely used in sand making market. Rotor tips are the main replacement wear parts in the VSI crusher. Qiming Machinery offers hard tungsten rotor tips for our customers. We have different sizes of tungsten rotor tips to suit different customer inquiries.

The following table show which VSI crusher rotor tips we had manufactured:

VSI Crusher Rotor Tips Tungsten Bars Size(mm)
LongWideHighShape SChamferWeight (g)Picture
1031323Strip1*45°447Rotor Tips 103
1601313Strip1*45°700Rotor Tips 2
1981523Strip1*45°1000Rotor Tips 3
2201523Bottom Strip1*45°980Rotor Tips 4
1891523Bottom Strip1*45°840Rotor Tips 5
1451323Bottom Strip1*45°630Rotor Tips 6
1951327ARC1*45°840Rotor Tips 7
1891323Bottom Strip1*45°720Rotor Tips 8
1831523Bottom Strip1*45°794Rotor Tips 9
1081323Strip1*45°480Rotor Tips 10
1901825Strip1*45°1290Rotor Tips 11
1051323Strip1*45°455Rotor Tips 12
951323Strip1*45°415Rotor Tips 13

If you have any types of rotor tips inquiry, you can contact our engineer freely.