Shredder Wear Parts Foundry

Qiming Machinery focuses on casting shredder wear parts from 1985 years, Now we are the top 3 shredder wear parts in China, and had OEM for China’s largest shredder plant manufacturer. On the other hand, we also supply good quality shredder wear parts for our oversea customers.

Qiming Machinery shredder wear parts span life 20% more than other suppliers because we had cooperation with some material research institutes to improve our wear parts mechanical properties.

Wear Parts For Shredder Plant

Shredder Hammer

Shredder Hammer

Qiming Machinery manufactures a full spectrum of high strength alloy and manganese hammers and specialized parts to accommodate all shredding applications. From standard cast alloy and manganese steel hammers designed to provided the longest life cycle of any hammer in the industry.

Our shredder hammers include:

  • Manganese shredder hammer
  • Alloy steel shredder hammer
  • TIC insert shredder hammer
Shredder Grates

Shredder Grates

Qiming Machinery shredder grates are cast in high strength manganese formulations and alloy steel to maximize shred output. Specialized design characteristics of the shape and size of the pass through holes and precise hammer-anvil angles optimize the final shred quality from a variety of materials.

Our shredder grates include:

  • Manganese shredder grates
  • Alloy steel shredder grates
Shredder Anvils And Breaker Bars

Shredder Anvils & Breaker Bar

Qiming Machinery high strength alloy and manganese anvils are designed to be direct OEM replacements. Upper and lower units are customs engineered to provide increased performance to specific shredding applications.

Single piece or three-piece configurations with integrated or separate cutter bar options, in alloys to improve infeed by reducing bowing.

Shredder Caps

Shredder Caps

Rotor and end disc caps protect the rotor from damage by the metal being shredded in the hammer mill. Depending on shredder size, caps can weight hundreds of pounds. Caps are replaced after about 10-15 hammer replacements, or about every 2-3 weeks of operations.

Qiming Machinery had focused on shredder caps over 30 years. Under different material, the shredder caps suit for different working conditions.

  • Manganese shredder caps
  • Alloy steel shredder caps

Question 1: What shredder parts your foundry can supply?

Answer: All of the cast shredders wear parts, which include shredder hammer, shredder caps, shredder grates, and other wear parts.


Question 2: Which material your foundry supplies for shredder parts?

Answer: manganese steel and alloy steel.


Question 3: Are your shredder parts are OEM parts or aftermarket parts?

Answer:  Our parts are aftermarket replacement parts.


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