Crusher Jaw Plate, 840.500-01

Qiming Machinery manufactures the aftermarket crusher jaw plates (part number:840.500-01 weight: 606kg )for the UAE customer who uses the Terex jaw crusher.

Product details

Product Name:Crusher Jaw PlateMaterial:Mn18Cr2
Part Number:


Color:Customer’s RequirementCertification:ISO9001:2015, SGS
Price:Around USD1.6 per kgHeat treatment:Water Quenching
Brand Name:Qiming CastingPlace of Origin:Jiangsu, China



Except for manganese steel, we also supply various kinds of material to suit to crush different materials.

Mn14Cr2hardest material, mildly abrasive materialhighest impact resistance, low abrasion resistance
Mn18Cr2harder material, medium abrasive materialhigher impact resistance, better abrasion resistance than Mn14
Mn22Cr2hard material, most abrasive materialless impact resistance, better abrasion resistance than Mn18
Mn18Cr2+TIChardest material, most abrasive materialhighest impact resistance, highest abrasion resistance
Alloy Steelharder material, medium abrasive materialmagnetic separation

Something you need to know about this crusher jaw plates!

Is it original parts or aftermarket parts?

It is aftermarket parts. We do not know this part number jaw plate suit for which brands of jaw crusher. We manufacture this part by customer drawings and his part number.

Could I use this type of jaw plate patterns?

Yes, you can use these patterns, because the pattern is manufactured by us. On the other hand, if the customer pays for the pattern fee and asks us don’t use his patterns, we will do not use it for any other customers.

For this part number jaw plate, the pattern belongs to our foundry.

What is the price for this crusher jaw plate?

Our price based on quantity and material.

For example:

Material: Mn18Cr2

  • Total weight less than 50 tons,  FOB shanghai USD1.6 per kg
  • Total weight around 50-100 tons, FOB shanghai USD1.55 per kg
  • Total weight more than 100 tons, FOB shanghai USD1.5 per kg

What is the delivery time?

Delivery time based on quantity.

  • Less than 50 tons, 35 days.
  • 50-100 tons, 55 days
  • More than 100 tons, you need to check with our sales about the production plan.

How about this crusher jaw plates quality?

We are the most stable wear parts casting foundry in China. After finish every order, we will send you full quality control reports, which include:

  • Chemical composition report
  • Machining size report
  • Casting size report
  • Mechanical behaviour report
  • Dye penetration inspection report

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