Premium Replacement Cone Crusher Parts

When it comes to Replacement Cone Crusher Parts, Qiming Machinery has been crushing the market for decades. If you demand the peace of mind that comes with ISO 9001-certified, fully-guaranteed, and warranted replacement parts for your cone crusher, your search ends with Qiming Machinery – Your Replacement Cone Crusher Parts SuperStore.

Qiming Machinery’s aftermarket replacement parts enable stable production without unexpected downtime. The wide cone crusher parts offering consist of wear parts and spare parts for popular brand models.

Through our application-driven, site-specific engineering capabilities, our offering of replacement cone crusher parts of most any origin has gained acceptance and earned the confidence of aggregate and mining operations around the world. From heads & shafts to eccentrics and bushings to filters, belts, and hoses, Qiming Machinery is Your Replacement  Parts SuperStore.

Cone Crusher Wear Parts

Qiming Machinery cone crusher wear parts are produced at our own foundry and manufacturing facilities. As a result, we have complete control over quality at every step of the process, from the selection of raw materials to final production.

Qiming Machinery supplies replacement wear parts to fit all major cone crusher models, including the new high-horsepower crushers. Qiming Machinery cone crusher wear parts are engineered to maximize production by retaining the feed opening throughout the part’s lifespan, and balancing the mantle and bowl liner wear. Cone parts can be custom-fit to match any application.

Cone crusher parts are often made of manganese, which ensures the highest possible wear life, mechanical reliability, and numerous mounting possibilities.

Suitable for any demanding crushing environment for stationary and mobile crushing processes, cone crusher wear parts are designed for hardest rock in the toughest environments in surface and underground operations.

Common cone wear parts include:

  • Mantles
  • Bowl liners
  • Concaves
  • Feed cones
  • Mainframe liners
  • Protection cones
  • Armguards

If you have any inquiries about wear parts, you can check with our engineers about it.

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Cone Crusher Wear Parts

Cone Crusher Spare Parts

Although Qiming Machinery is not a manufacturer for cone crusher spare parts, our foundry had cooperated with some spare parts manufacturers to supply high-quality spare parts for famous brands.  All of the spare parts are backed by our quality control system to protect quality.

Qiming Machinery has heavily invested in new technology in order to set the standard for aftermarket quality assurance, reverse engineering, and metallurgy, resulting in the continual and rapid growth of our product range, especially for those parts normally only associated with the original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

With multiple fabrication options and upgrades to choose from, Qiming Machinery’s cone crusher spare parts are eliminating the risk that the replaced part becomes the weak point in your crusher. They offer stable production without unexpected downtime.

Common cone crusher spare parts include:

  • Frames
  • Mainshaft
  • Eccentrics
  • Heads
  • Bushings
  • Pinions and gears
  • Pinionshafts and countershafts
  • Adjustment rings and bowls

If you have any inquiries about spare parts, you can check with our engineers about it.

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Cone Crusher Spare Parts


Wear Liner Set Include:

  1. Bowl Liner
  2. Mantle
  3. Torch Ring


Feed cone includes:

  1. Lock bolt
  2. Feed cone set
  3. Silicone seal


Screw set includes:

  1. Screw set
  2. Clamping fork
  3. Washer
  4. Cup spring
  5. Hexagonal screw
  6. Grease


Conical hopper set includes:

  1. Conical hopper set
  2. Seal set
  3. Glue


Dust seal includes:

  1. Dust seal
  2. Dust seal set


Crusher bowl includes:

  1. Bowl assembly
  2. Adjustment cap set
  3. Eye screw set
  4. Silicone seal
  5. Glue


Crusher head includes:

  1. Head assembly
  2. Head bushing set
  3. Seal ring
  4. Head ball set
  5. Ring set
  6. Glue
  7. Glue


Sealing device includes:

  1. Sealing device
  2. Seal set
  3. Seal set


Socket set includes:

  1. Socket set
  2. Thread locker


Eccentric includes:

  1. Counterweight assy
  2. Eccentric assembly
  3. Thrust bearing set, upper
  4. Eccentric bushing
  5. Drive gear set
  6. Gear set
  7. Thrust bearing set
  8. Counterweight liner set
  9. Thread locker
  10. Thread locker head
  11. Locking agent


Countershaft assembly includes:

  1. Countershaft pinion set
  2. Countershaft set
  3. Gear set
  4. Pinion set
  5. Oil flinger set
  6. Piston seal
  7. Housing set
  8. Lock washer set
  9. Countershaft bushing set
  10. Thread locker, hard
  11. Silicone seal
  12. Thread locker, hard
  13. Glue
  14. Support


Tramp release assembly includes:

    1. Cylinder set
    2. Nut set
    3. Protective bellow set
    4. Main frame pin set
    5. Piston set
    6. Seal set
    7. Threadlocker, hard
    8. Adapter
    9. Hydraulic hose
    10. Hydraulic hose
    11. Elbow
    12. Equal tee
    13. Equal tee
    14. Elbow adapter
    15. Plug
    16. Hydraulic hose
    17. Hydraulic hose
    18. Adapter
    19. Elbow adapter
    20. Manifold set
    21. Collar set
    22. Support set
    23. Pressure accumulator
    24. Pressure accumulator
    25. Adapter set
    26. Collar set
    27. Support set
    28. Elbow
    29. Hydraulic hose
    30. Pressure relief valve
    31. Repair set
    32. Adapter
    33. Check valve


Adjustment ring includes:

  1. Dust shell set
  2. Seal set
  3. Adjustment ring assembly
  4. Flexible hose set
  5. Screw, hexagonal
  6. Main frame pin set
  7. Clamping ring set
  8. Clamping ring set
  9. Hydraulic ring clamping set
  10. Shim
  11. Base plate set
  12. Support set
  13. Guard set
  14. V-ring
  15. Motor reducer set
  16. Pinion set
  17. Hydraulic adapter set
  18. Cam follower set
  19. Slide set
  20. Drive gear set
  21. Grease
  22. Glue
  23. Gear reducer
  24. Brake
  25. Gasket set
  26. Hydraulic motor assembly

Aftermarket replacement parts for popular cone crusher brands

Although Qiming Machinery is not the OEM foundry for those popular crusher brands, our engineers have cooperated with the end-users redesign new aftermarket parts for their crushers. In some cases, our aftermarket replacement cone crushers parts working life can match their original parts, even much better than original parts.

If you have any inquiries or problems about those cone crusher parts, you can send us the part number or drawings to check. On the other hand, we also can send engineers to your place to help you get the right drawings or redesign!


All of those brands cone crusher parts are not OEM parts, our foundry just manufactures or redesigns aftermarket replacement parts by end-users supply drawings or sample products. All brand names, model names, or marks are owned by their respective manufacturers. Qiming Machinery® has no affiliation with the OEM. These terms are used for identification purposes only and are not intended to indicate affiliation with or approval by the OEM. All parts are manufactured by, for, and warranted by Qiming Machinery® and are not manufactured by, purchased from, or warranted by the OEM.

If you have inquiries or problems with those brands cone replacement parts, please feel free to contact our engineers!

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