Standard Mantles And Concaves To Suit Every Application

When you’re ready to improve your cone crusher performance, Qiming Machinery can take the guesswork out of mantles and concaves choices, benefiting your operation with better production and less downtime. We’re your mantles and concaves specialist, with over 20 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise. Our full-service facility is your one-stop for crusher wear part solutions, from design and pattern making to alloy selection and casting.

Qiming Machinery supplies different material cone crusher mantles and concaves to suit different working conditions. No matter which material mantles and concaves you want, you can contact our engineer freely.


Mn14Cr2 Mantles and Concaves

Mn14cr2 mantles and concaves are used in crushing soft stone. For example, it has a good life when crushing the easy and non-abrasive blasted rock, non-abrasive gravel, and non-abrasive round rock.

Qiming Machinery leads the way in quality and support–beyond what you’d experience with conventional mantles and concaves. Qiming Machinery delivers premium replacement parts for your next jaw crusher repair. In most cases, we have the part on the shelf and ready for immediate shipment. In some cases, Qiming Machinery has even improved the conventional design of the part to enhance durability and performance.


Mn18Cr2 mantles and concaves

Mn18Cr2 is the most popular material for casting cone crusher mantles and concaves. This Mn18Cr2 mantles and concaves widely in crushing difficult and non-abrasive blasted rock, medium and non-abrasive,non-abrasive gravel, and non-abrasive round rock.

No matter which type of Mn18Cr2 mantles and concaves, Qiming Machinery gives you the best service.


Mn22Cr2 mantles and concaves

Mn22Cr2 mantles and concaves are widely used in crushing hard and abrasive stone. Qiming Machinery has had cooperated with some European customers to develop this material for their hard stones. Under our technology, its span life much better than normal.


TIC Insert Mantles and Concaves

Qiming Machinery has improved our customer cone crusher liner by TIC(titanium carbide) insert. Qiming Machinery TIC inserts cone crusher parts are designed to improve efficiency and reduce costs by extending wear life and minimizing downtime.

Compare with normal manganese cone crusher liner, our TIC insert wear parts span life can be 2-3 times. Based on our customer feedback, the more hard material to crush, the long span life.


Mn14Cr2 Cone Crusher mantles and concaves

Mn14Cr2 Cone Crusher mantles and concaves

Mn18Cr2 Cone Crusher Wear Parts

Mn18Cr2 Cone Crusher Wear Parts

Mn22Cr2 Cone Crusher Wear Parts

Mn22Cr2 Cone Crusher Wear Parts

TIC Insert Cone Liner

TIC Insert Cone Liner

 Cone Crusher is a compression type of machine that reduces material by squeezing or compressing the feed material between a moving piece of steel and a stationary piece of steel. Final sizing and reduction are determined by the closed side setting or the gap between the two crushing members at the lowest point. As the wedge or eccentric rotates to cause the compression within the chamber, the material gets smaller as it moves down through the wear liner as the opening in the cavity gets tighter. The crushed material is discharged at the bottom of the machine after they pass through the cavity.

A Cone Crusher will deliver a 4:1 to 6:1 reduction ratio. As we set the closed side setting tighter to create a finer output, we also reduce the volume or throughput capacity of the machine. Generally speaking, multiplying the closed side setting by two is a good guide to the top size of the gradation exiting the machine.

Qiming Machinery has had manufactured thousands of cone crusher mantles and concaves patterns, which can help you decrease the pattern cost and shorten your delivery time.

Cone Crusher Mantles And Concaves Wood Patterns

Cone Crusher Mantles And Concaves Wood Patterns

Qiming Machinery’s mantles and concaves patterns suit for those types of cone crusher:

  • HP Series
  • GP Series
  • MP Series
  • CH Series
  • CS Series
  • HPT Series
  • PYB Series

If you have other types of cone crusher, we also can supply measure the drawings service.

Flow Chart

Flow Chart

Qiming Machinery chooses sand casting and V-method to cast jaw plates. Its flow charts as following steps:

  • Pattern making. After confirmed your orders, we will start to manufacture new wood or steel patterns. If we have the inquiry patterns, no need to manufacture a new pattern.
  • Pattern painting and flask molding.
  • Choose the right raw material. Our manganese steel raw material is 65Mn. Our engineer will calculate the raw material ratio based on customer material inquiry.
  • Bottom pour ladle casting. 
  • Cooling, Moulding box open and sand conditioning.
  • Cleaning.
  • Heat treatment. We will record all the heat treatment temperature line to match the standard heat treatment.
  • Polishing, Machining, QA Checking.
  • Painting and Shipping.

Crush different materials need different cone crusher cavities. The suitable cavities will help you get more profit and crush more material. Normally, there are five kinds of cone crusher mantles and concaves types:

  • Standard
  • Medium
  • Fine
  • Coarse
  • Super Coarse

Qiming Machinery’s engineers also supply different cavity types of design for different working conditions.

After finish customer orders, Qiming Machinery will supply the following reports:

If customers need a third test report, Our foundry also supplies this service.