Gyratory Crusher Wear Parts

When it comes to gyratory crusher wear parts, Qiming Machinery had manufactured jaw crusher wear parts over 30 years. The primary gyratory crusher wear parts have the most important role in rock size reduction in mine operations as the crushing process starts from a primary crusher. The highest possible wear life is combined with mechanical reliability through the component life cycle.

Our engineers are committed to understanding your specific needs and refining a solution to help you. To us, that means direct communication with you to get a full understanding of your wear part needs and on-site consultation if necessary. We have a wide range of gyratory crusher wear part designs in our database to choose from and customize.

Gyratory crusher wear parts include:

  • Gyratory crusher mantle
  • Gyratory crusher concave segments

Qiming Machinery proprietary alloys and innovative designs result in long wear life compared to other OEM replacements.


Why Choose Qiming Machinery Gyratory Crusher Wear Parts?

  • High quality and long wear life
  • Excellent total crushing economy, low cost per ton
  • Chamber and material selection according to your process
  • Superb continuous crushing performance
  • Cast in manganese steel for maximum durability
  • Perfect-fit design for faster and easier replacement
  • Thicker manganese in high wear areas for longer wear life and less downtime
  • Personalized service by a team of experienced engineer

Wear Parts For Brands Gyratory Crushers

Downtime is costly, this is the reason why we work hard to make sure you receive your replacement cones quickly. We never compromise on quality, because it’s important to us that our customers are able to get back to work in the shortest time possible. Qiming Machinery had stocked large number of brands gyratory crusher wear parts, and also we have thousand of brands gyratory crusher wear parts wood models. Those brands including:

Application of Qiming Machinery’s gyratory crusher liners in 60-89 gyratory crusher

There is a 60-89 gyratory crusher in our customer (Qidashan Iron Mine). The service life of the original manganese gyratory crusher liners is short and the replacement times are more than two months per year, which seriously affects the operation rate of the crushing system and restricts the subsequent beneficiation Increase of industrial system output.

In order to effectively improve the wear liner life of crusher, shorten the liner replacement time, so as to improve the crusher operation rate and achieve the actual effect of less investment and more output, Qidashan Iron Mine asked us to optimize the wear liners cavity type of the rotary crusher, further improved the lining life without affecting the equipment working condition, and upgraded the lining material, aiming at the high grinding of some mines.

Our foundry based on the 60-89 gyratory crusher working conditions to design alloy steel gyratory crusher liners to suit. The alloy liner developed by the working conditions of erosive ore has a long service life. It reduces the times of lining board replacement, effectively shortens the time of lining board replacement, greatly reduces the consumption of auxiliary materials and energy, reduces the work intensity of equipment operation and maintenance personnel, thus significantly improves the operation rate of the equipment, increases the output of the coarse crushing system, and has obvious economic, safety and social benefits


Working Conditions

The key factor of crusher performance is the design of liner cavity. The liner cavity of each 60-89 gyratory crusher is designed according to the discharge port of production application. In the early stage of beneficiation process design, according to different process layout and operation parameters to set the crusher discharge port, and then according to the design of the liners cavity. After the design of the liner cavity is completed, the discharge port in actual production needs to be kept at the set value, so as to ensure the stress balance of all running parts of the crusher and the uniform wear of liner. If the equipment discharge port needs to be changed in production practice, it is necessary to redesign the liner cavity.

At present, the manganese steel liner used in the 60-89 coarse crushing cycle crusher in the mining area of Qidashan Iron Mine has the following problems: short service life, frequent replacement, long installation time, complex maintenance work, low equipment operation rate, etc.

    • The service life of the original manganese gyratory crusher liners is short, of which the service life of the gyratory crusher concave segments is about 45 days, and that of gyratory crusher mantles is around 20 days. It is necessary to stop the machine frequently to replace the lining plate, resulting in the low operation rate of crusher.
    • There are many pieces of gyratory crusher concave segments and the installation procedure is complex. Each installation takes about 5-7 days. Because the manganese steel lining plate will extend under the crushing force, it is necessary to reserve a gap between the lining plates during the installation. The gap should not be too narrow or too wide, otherwise, the normal operation of the lining plate will be affected. Therefore, it takes more time to install the lining plate. It takes more than two months to replace the liner of the coarse crushing gyratory crusher every year, which seriously restricts the space for improving the system output.
    • The gap between the manganese steel liner plates will be eliminated when the manganese steel is used for the extension of the manganese steel material during production. At this time, the extended part needs to be planed off in time to maintain the gap. If the clearance is eliminated, the extended stress of the rear lining plate is transmitted to the frame, which may cause damage to the frame and the maintenance cost is high. The maintenance work is complicated and needs to be stopped, which reduces the operation rate of the equipment.


Material Selection And Cavity Improvement

Based on the working conditions, our engineer starts to design new material liners and a new type of liner cavity has been developed. The improved liner cavity combined with the optimized alloy material can significantly prolong the service life of the liner and reduce the replacement time of each liner.

The optimized liner has the following improvements.

  1. The crushing area is optimized and balanced so that the stress of each crushing zone is uniform and the wear is balanced.
  2. The design of the crushing chamber is improved, the wear residual weight of mantle and concave is less and more consistent, and the matching and utilization ratio of the mantle and concave are improved to the greatest extent. The design of the crushing chamber is improved, the wear residual weight of fixed cone and moving cone liner is less and more consistent, and the matching and utilization ratio of the mantle and concave are improved to the greatest extent.
  3. Different alloy materials are selected to meet the different requirements of different stress and wear conditions on the lining plate of each part of the crushing chamber. The first layer to the fourth layer of the gyratory crusher concave segment is made of high chromium cast iron alloy. Through strict casting and heat treatment process, the initial hardness can reach 600hbn, which can meet the requirements of high wear resistance of lining plate in the middle and low parts of crushing chamber The fifth layer is made of high manganese cast steel to meet the requirements of impact resistance and wear resistance of lining plate at the top of crushing chamber.
  4. The standard and thickened gyratory crusher mantles are developed to match with the gyratory crusher mantles under different wear degrees, so as to prolong the service life of the gyratory crusher mantles and avoid replacing the gyratory crusher mantles in advance due to the failure to maintain the discharge port of the crusher at the set value. The gyratory crusher concave segment adopts a three-layer design, and different parts can be replaced according to different wear conditions The utility rate of the gyratory crusher mantles is increased, and the cost of the wearing parts of the equipment is reduced.
  5. The installation method of the gyratory crusher concave segment is improved, and the working efficiency is improved. Due to the high chromium alloy material selected from the first layer to the fourth layer, as shown in Fig. 3, it will not extend under the effect of crushing external force, so it is not necessary to reserve and adjust the gap between lining plates during installation. Direct contact installation can be adopted to speed up the installation progress and reduce the consumption time of lining plate installation. See Figure 4 for taper pin type fixation between the fifth layer of fixed taper lining plates, which does not take a lot of time to adjust like the original installation of key lining plates.
  6. The gyratory crusher mantles material choose Mn18Cr2NiMoV alloy steel. Under this new material, the mantle span life can increase by 20%.
3 Pieces Design Mantle

3 Pieces Design Mantle


Installation of gyratory crusher concave segments from the first layer to the fourth layer

Fig. 3 Installation of gyratory crusher concave segments from the first layer to the fourth layer

Installation of the fifth layer gyratory crusher concave segments

Fig.4. Installation of the fifth layer gyratory crusher concave segments

The Results

  • After choosing our engineer designs, a whole set of new design mantle and concave can work 186 days, which is 3 times span life than old liners.
  • A set of wear liner capacity increase 26 million tons to 55 million tons.
  • Decrease the exchange time from 2 months per year to 20 days per year.

Application of Qiming Machinery’s TIC insert wear liners in 54-74 gyratory crusher


We have an Australia customer who uses a 54-74 gyratory crusher to crush iron mine. However, a set of original wear liners just can crush 2 million tons of raw stone.

After communicating with our engineers, we give the following suggestions.


For gyratory crusher concave segments:

  1. The concave segments are designed as three layers, each layer has 20 pieces, and the number of a complete set of concave segments is only 60 pieces. The workload of installation and disassembly is further reduced, and the replacement of wear liners are faster.
  2. The cavity of the liner is optimized again, and the original liner is thickened at the place where the wear is fast, but the stress balance of the crusher is not damaged.
  3. The first and second layers of crusher concave segments are made of WS7 alloy. Through more strict raw material selection, casting and heat treatment process, the initial hardness is further increased to about 700 HBN, which is higher than the original high chromium alloy.
  4. The third layer of concave segments is made of ws5.5 alloy, which has better impact resistance and wear resistance than the original high manganese steel liner.
  5. The crusher concave segments are designed with a tooth profile. The finer feed can be quickly discharged from the crushing chamber through the groove part of the liner plate, which can reduce the load level of the equipment and reduce the wear rate of the liner.


For gyratory crusher mantles:

  1. The crusher mantles adopt a two-stage design, which makes it more convenient to install and remove the liner. There are standard and thickened liner plates designed. The upper liner is suitable for both standard and thickened liners. It can be reused when the wear is slow, thus reducing the production cost.
  2. We use titanium carbide bars to insert the mantle crush area, which will hugely increase the wear capacity.
gyratory crusher mantle two-stage design

gyratory crusher mantle two-stage design

TIC Insert Gyratory Crusher Mantles

TIC Insert Gyratory Crusher Mantles