Cone Crusher Main Frame Supplier

When it comes to cone crusher main frame Qiming machinery has supplied those parts over 30 years. All of our cone crusher main frame are backed by our Quality Guarantee and are shipped only after meeting our rigorous quality standards. We are committed to meeting your replacement parts need in a professional and efficient manner. Our Customer Support Department is ready to help you with a quote, to check inventory or to simply answer a technical question.

Our Cone Crusher Adjustment Rings Casting Details

  • Material:  ASTM A148 GRADE 85-50
  • Hardness: 276-341 HB
  • Minimum Tempering Temperature: 538 ℃
Cone Crusher Main Frame
Cone Crusher Main Frame


Why Choose Qiming Machinery Cone Crusher Main Frame?

  • Over 20 years casting experience
  • Custom fit for greater performance and easier replacement
  • More cheap price with better quality
  •  Design improvements increase crusher efficiency and prevent premature erosion
  • Large inventory of Main Frame in stock for immediate deliveries
  • Professional sales and after-sales to service for you