Apron Feeder Pans Manufacturer

Qiming Machinery is a manganese apron feeder pans and alloy steel apron feeder pans manufacturer. We supply thousands of tons of apron feeder pans to our customers. We are proud to say that Qiming Machinery Apron Feeder Pans provide superior performance. Our pans are manufactured for a long wear life. Our pans provide a low maintenance operation and reduce both operating costs and downtime. Our engineers have decades of experience in understanding the needs of the market place. We build straight pans with dimensional consistency. Our pans exhibit the tightest fit and are designed to avoid trapping material in between the feeder pans. They precisely fit and integrate with all components such as chains, rollers, track idlers, and sprockets.

Manganese Apron Feeder Pans

Qiming Machinery’s cast manganese pans are industry proven to be the best pan for moving hard abrasive materials. They are superior to fabricated and alloy steel pans in toughness and fatigue strength. The wear surfaces on Boundary’s manganese pans, which are subject to impact and high-stress abrasion, work harden to a hardness over 400 BHN for long wear life.

Alloy Steel Apron Feeder Pans

Qiming Machinery’s feeder pans are made from modified alloy steel. Extremely high toughness is common in this alloy which ensures that the pans will not fail during extreme service conditions. This material is capable of work hardening while in service and can provide extended service life, especially over fabricated pans. Extensive inspection and preassembled sections of conveyor assures that all links fit and work properly together. All of this combined with Qiming Machinery’s warranty for fit, performance and customer satisfaction leads to a winning combination.

Apron feeder pans are the mainly wear parts in apron feeder machine.

Apron feeders are available in a wide variety of designs for both horizontal and inclined travel. They help in feeding of material at controlled and continuous flow rates. These are mainly used to handle large sized lumps.

The typical design is a series of pans mounted between two strands of roller chain, with pans overlapping to eliminate dribble, and often equipped with end plates for deeper loads. Pan design may vary according to material requirements.

Apron-feeder applications range from fairly light-duty applications with light-gauge steel pans up to extremely heavy-duty applications requiring reinforced manganese steel pans with center supports.

Apron Feeders are a robust style of feeder that can be used to feed or extract material in a wide variety of applications. Apron Feeders excel at handling material that is beyond the scope of other feeders.

Apron Feeders are generally used as a primary or bin feeder application designed for varying applications, from light-duty to severe-duty, from low tonnage to high tonnage of material. They are the feeder of choice for reliability, high uptime and high returns on capital, and are designed for decades of service. Combined with a variable speed drive, these feeders provide the ultimate in flow control.

Integrating the Apron Feeder drive to the crusher it feeds ensures the crusher is performing at its peak efficiency. Integrating an Apron Feeder to any downstream system ensures the highest operating performance.

Our foundry casts apron feeder pans with two kinds of material,high manganese steel and alloy steel. Different material suit different work conditions.


High Manganese Steel Chemical Compostion

1.05-1.35Max 1.012.0-14.0Max 0.07Max 0.07



Alloy Steel Chemical Compostion

0.23-0.260.3-0.70.7-0.9Max 0.015Max 0.0150.6-1.00.5-0.81.4-2.0Max 0.30.02-0.05

We use wood or aluminum patterns to cast apron feeder pans, checking in the following pictures:

Apron feeder pans pattern

Apron feeder pans pattern

Before the finished apron feeder pans send to customers, we need to do special quality inspection, which can ensure pans can work well. Checking in the following pictures:

Apron feeder pans inspection

Apron feeder pans inspection