Mill liners fill a basic role: to protect your mills from the intense wear and tear that comes from grinding down hard, raw materials. There are so many mill liners manufacturers in the world. It is a big question who is the best mill liner manufacturer and who is the right mill liner manufacturer. Base on our experience and google search results, let us talk about it.

TOP 5 mill liners manufacturers in the world

FC Mill Liners, Inc.

Founded in 1970, FUCASA has been producing mill liners since the early 1980s and has become the main supplier of cast iron and steel mill liners for AG, SAG, ball and rod mills in Mexico. This company supplies 3 kinds of different materials mill liners:

  1. Pearlitic Chrome-Moly Steel (300-420 BHN) Mill Liners
  2. Martensitic White Iron (Min. 610 BHN) Mill Liners
  3. Martensitic Tool Steel (510-550 BHN) Mill Liners


FLSmidth serves the global mining industry as a leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplier of engineering, equipment, and service solutions. This company supplies its special PulpMax™ Composite Mill Liners, which are high-performance lightweight mill liners uniquely constructed with rubber, ceramic matrix, and carefully selected high-hardness steel inserts.



Mill liners developed by Multotec include Ball Mill Liners, SAG Mill Liners, AG Mill Liners, as well as Scrubber Liners. Focusing on the good fitment of liners, in which Multotec are experts, results in reduced installation downtime which, in turn, facilitates increased production.



Polycorp also designs and manufacture rubber and PolyStl™ grates, lifter bars, shell plates, end plates, and all other associated grinding mill liner components. This company supplies 5 kinds of different materials mill liners:

  1. PolyWIP™ Mill Liners
  2. PolyStl™ Liners
  3. PolyBlok™ Liners
  4. PolyKombo™ Liners
  5. Rubber Liners



Magotteaux produces different lifting-liners to fit your specific need in cement mill liners. Xstep™ is designed for anything up to extreme running conditions. The type of ball mill liner known as a grate liner is designed for discharge efficiency. It allows the discharge of ground materials via slots. With the Magotteaux range of alloys and their experience, a longer lifetime and optimal grinding can be achieved. Designs of grate liners depend on their drilling pattern, mill speed, grinding media diameter, media filling percentage, throughput, and the presence of pebble. They are used in AG mills, SAG mills, all grate discharge mills (Rod and primary mills, etc.) The grates are made in CrMo (FMU226 type) for AG and grate discharge mills and High-Chrome also for AG mills. The design is adapted to avoid the overthrowing of balls and to fit with the existing pulp liners.