JM806 Jaw Plate, 400.0474

Based on our USA customer requirement, Qiming Machinery supplies the aftermarket replacement jaw plate for JM806 jaw crusher, part number:400.0474, weight: 671kg.


Product details

Product Name:JM806 Jaw PlateMaterial:Mn18Cr2
Part Number:400.0474Weight:671kg
Tooth type:wide teech.WT(Z)Certification:ISO9001:2015, SGS
Hardness:HRC55- HRC62Heat treatment:Water Quenching
Brand Name:Qiming CastingPlace of Origin:Jiangsu, China



Except for manganese steel, we also supply various kinds of material to suit to crush different materials.

Mn14Cr2hardest material,mildly abrasive materialhighest impact resistance, low abrasion resistance
Mn18Cr2harder material, medium abrasive materialhigher impact resistance, better abrasion resistance than Mn14
Mn22Cr2hard material, most abrasive materialless impact resistance, better abrasion resistance than Mn18
Mn18Cr2+TIChardest material, most abrasive materialhighest impact resistance, highest abrasion resistance
Alloy Steelharder material, medium abrasive materialmagnetic separation

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