What is wear?

Wear is a material loss on the surface by means of several different mechanisms. The two main wearing mechanisms in the crusher cavity are:

  • Abrasive wear
  • Fatigue wear

The main wearing mechanism in the crusher cavity is abrasive wearing. Fatigue wear is also present as wear parts are subjected to multiple compression or impact loads.


Abrasive wear

Crushers typically compress the feed material between the fixed and movable wear parts. Besides the breakage of the feed material, this is also wearing material away from the wear part. Wearing micromechanisms are:

  • Microploughing
  • Microcutting
  • Microcracking
  • Microfatigue

During the crushing cycle, gouging or high-stress abrasion is present depending on the particle size of feed material. Between the crushing cycles when particles of feed material are sliding against wear parts, low-stress abrasion is present.

Wear Lifetime

There are several different factors that affect the wear of wear parts.

  • Type of wear
  • Environmental factors
  • crusher operating parameters
  • feed material
  • wear part properties
Wear lifetime of crusher wear parts

5 kinds of factors Wear lifetime