Mantles Designs

Qiming Machinery is one of the largest casting foundries in China. For gyratory crusher mantles, no matter one-piece, two pieces, or three pieces design; no matter smooth tooth or full tooth design; no matter 10 tons or 15 tons of mantles weight; Qiming Machinery’s engineers will help you to the right designs.

Except for manufacturing mantles based on customer drawings, our engineers also go to the gyratory crusher working place and help our customers to design or modify those mantles. For example, a mantle new designed with a toothed top and heavy-duty bottom can improve initial grip and put more metal in the high wear area of the crushing cavity.


Mantles Material Selection

Different working conditions, different crush material, different types, need different materials of crusher mantles to suit. Qiming Machinery supplies the following materials based on our special design or customer inquiry.

Manganese Steel

There are three kinds of manganese steel (Mn14, Mn18, and Mn22) use to cast gyratory crusher mantles.  It is the traditional material. However, this material is a little soft, can not get a long working life in crushing hard stone

Manganese Alloy Steel

In order to get longer service life in crush hard stone, we add some elements in manganese steel. Such as we add the “Cr” element to increase the hardness, add the “Mo” element to get better austenite structure…

This manganese alloy steel grades include:

  • Mn14Cr2
  • Mn18Cr2
  • Mn22Cr2
  • Mn18Cr2MoNi
  • Mn22Cr2MoNiV

TIC Insert Manganese Steel

This material is our foundry patent products. We use titanium carbide bars inserts the gyratory mantles crushing surface area. Under this design, its span life can be 1.5-2 times than normal manganese steel.


The first choice of material for standard mantles is the Mn14Cr2. To further maximize performance and wear life, special designs and high-alloy options are also available. Please check the following tab or contact our engineers to help you.

Mantle Material SelectionDifficult and abrasiveDifficult and non-abrasiveMedium and abrasiveMedium and non-abrasiveEasy and abrasiveEasy and non-abrasive
TIC Insert Manganese Steel√√√√√√
Notice: “√” means can be used;”√√” means good choice;”√√√” means recommended


Mn14Cr2 Gyratory Crusher Mantles

Mn18Cr2 Gyratory Crusher Mantles

Mn22Cr2 Gyratory Crusher Mantles

TIC Insert Gyratory Crusher Mantles