Cone crushers are widely used in metallurgy, construction, mining, and other industries, and can be used as two-stage crushing or three-stage or four-stage crushing. Various vulnerable parts of hydraulic cone crusher, composite cone crusher, spring cone crusher are collectively referred to as cone crusher parts. Among them, mantles and concaves are also called أجزاء مخروط كسارة مخروط.

  • عباءة الكسارة المخروطية ، والتي تغطي الرأس المخروطي للكسارة لحمايتها من التآكل. إنها بطانة ارتداء الذبيحة الداخلية التي تجلس على رأس المخروط.
  • كسارة مخروطية مقعرة ، والتي تقع في الإطار العلوي للكسارة لحمايتها من التآكل. إنها بطانة التآكل الخارجية التي توضع داخل الإطار العلوي.

كما تسمى عباءة الكسارة المخروطية والمقعرة ببطانات الكسارة المخروطية.

قطع غيار الكسارة المخروطية بواسطة Qiming Machinery®

As a manganese steel foundry, Qiming Machinery had manufactured those cone crusher wear parts over many years. There are thousands of tons of cone wear parts are cast in Qiming Machinery. Qiming Machinery designs and manufactures standard, heavy-duty, and custom wear parts for all popular cone crushers. Our’s cone crusher wear parts provide the highest possible wear life combined with mechanical reliability and numerous mounting possibilities.

Our engineers improve wear parts life by modifying standard materials. On the other hand, our new TIC inserts wear parts can get 1.5 to 2 times span life than normal manganese parts.

قطع غيار الكسارة المخروطية بواسطة Qiming Machinery

Manganese Cone Crusher Wear Parts

Manganese steel has been used in crushing applications for over 100 years, so it’s easy to take it for granted. It continues to be used because of the remarkable property that makes it ideal for cone crusher wear parts (mantles and concaves): the harder you hit it, the harder it gets.

Based on different crushed materials, Qiming Machinery uses different manganese steel to suit. The manganese steel grades include:

  • Mn14Cr2
  • Mn18Cr2
  • Mn22Cr2


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Manganese Cone Crusher Wear Parts

Alloy Steel Cone Crusher Wear Parts

Qiming Machinery’s engineers improve the performance of the cone crusher wear parts by changing the manganese to carbon ratio in the standard high manganese steel and increasing the content of rare alloys. These modified alloy steel wear liners are widely used in copper mines. Based on copper mines customers feedbacks, this kind of alloy steel wears parts working life increased more than 150% than normal manganese wear parts.

On the other hand, Qiming Machinery uses low carbon alloy steel to cast cone crusher liners. This alloy steel wears liners have a magnetic separation function.


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Alloy Steel Cone Crusher Wear Parts

TIC Inserts Cone Crusher Wear Parts

Sometimes the service life of the high manganese steel cone crusher wear parts is relatively short when crushing high-hardness stones. In order to solve this problem, Qiming Machinery embeds ultra-high hardness titanium carbide rods on the working surface of the wear-resistant parts of the cone crusher. Through a special casting process and heat treatment, the titanium carbide rod is perfectly integrated into the matrix of high manganese steel.

Compare with the normal manganese wear parts, this new type of cone wear parts has a better working life, which is around 1.5-2.5 times than normal parts.


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TIC Inserts Cone Crusher Wear Parts


There are 5 common issues affecting cone crusher wear parts wear life:

  1. Poor Feeding Conditions
  2. Wrong Mantle or Concave
  3. Wrong Alloy Steel
  4. Wrong Crushing Chamber
  5. Correct  Chamber But Poor Profile

There is an analysis about those 5 common issues:

5 Common Issues Affecting Cone Crusher Wear Parts Wear Life

5 Common Issues Affecting Cone Crusher Wear Parts Wear Life

From the analysis result, it shows:

  1. Poor Feeding conditions. The number one issue affecting liner life is poor feeding conditions. Compared to a properly fed crusher a poor feed can reduce the lifetime of liners by up to 70%. Feed problems often lead to uneven wear on liners, meaning they must be replaced even though large parts of the liners are still in good condition. Correct feeding method. Given the right application one of the best ways to ensure optimal liner life is to choke feed the Cone Crusher. Choke feeding allows a full chamber with material on top to help force the material in the chamber through. Choke feeding also minimizes the air pockets in the crushing chamber to reduce the creation of flat, elongated particles. Incorrect feeding methods. A segregated feed distribution, one that sends large material to one side of the crusher and small material to the other side, will lead to poor liner wear. In addition, it will cause ring bounce — when the pressure in the chamber is higher than the pressure holding it down, as well as more oversized products and poor particle shape. An off-centered feed, one that sends most of the feed to one side of the crusher, will also lead to poor liner wear, ring bounce, and poor particle shape. When the entire chamber is not being used crusher performance is not maximized.
  2.  Choosing the wrong mantle can cause a decrease of 40% in liner wear life.
  3. Having the wrong alloy can reduce liner life by up to 20%.
  4. Crushing chamber issues. The second major issue which can reduce liner life by 50% is having the wrong crushing chamber – the fit between the concave and mantle, combined with the eccentric throw.
  5. Having the correct chamber but with a poor profile can reduce liner life by 10%.

هناك حالتان تحتاجان إلى تغيير أجزاء تآكل الكسارة المخروطية :

  • الوضع 1 ، كشط عادي.
  • الموقف 2 ، سبب التكلفة.

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Except for cone crusher wear parts, Qiming Machinery is also supplied other cone crusher parts :

  • الإطار الرئيسي
  • رمح الرئيسي
  • خاتم التعديل
  • حلقة القمط
  • Dust Shell
  • رمح العداد
  • Counter Shaft Box
  • Counter Shaft Box Guard
  • الضواغط جلبة
  • جناح الطائر
  • نفط فلينت
  • غريب الأطوار
  • غريب البطانة غريب الأطوار
  • معدات
  • محمل اقتحام
  • ثقل موازن
  • Counterweight Liner
  • البريزة
  • مقبس بطانة
  • رئيس
  • رئيس الكرة
  • Head Ball Bushing
  • محمل اقتحام
  • تحديد مكان بار